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  • 1. Contact us to explain the current status of your website (Call us or click here to request callback/ Chat online)
  • 2. We shall examine your website and will share the clean up action plan along with timelines
  • 3. After understanding the details, make payment via Paypal secure payment gatway (using your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account)
  • 4. We shall fix your website with in few hours and depending on status, also submit domain whitelisting request with Google/AV vendors
  • 5. We configure your website on ScanBuffer for daily malware scan/ file change monitoring/ automatic cloud backup/ domain blacklist monitoring/ uptime monitoring
    (100% remote monitoring, no changes made on your website)

What is The Processing Time - Start to Finish!

We can start the cleaning process with in 30-90 minutes of payment confirmation and as soon as domain access credentials are received. For most of typical mid size websites in shared hosting environment, malware removal process takes 4-8 hrs. to complete all steps.

Domain Whitelisting

If domain is blacklisted by Google and other Anti-Virus engines then it may take few hours to few days for whitelisting of domain. As per Google ❝Phishing reviews take about a day to process. Reviews for sites infected with malware require a few days to process❞

Subscription Plans & Pricing


  • Standard fixed price per domain (one time payment for whole subscription period)
  • Subscription renewal at end of term (i.e. after 3/6/12 months)
  • No auto renewals (Subscription renewed with your consent)
  • 25% discount on renewal (Business Plan)
  • 50% discount on additional sites (Business Plan)
To know more about Subscription terms, billing process and refund policy, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.


(Support Period - 3 Months)


(Support Period - 6 Months)


(Support Period - 12 Months)

  • ScanBuffer Website AntiVirus

  • ✔ Scan Frequency - Daily
  • ✔ Domain Blacklist Monitoring
  • ✔ Website Malware Scan (HTTP)
  • ✔ Server Files Malware Scan (SFTP)
  • ✔ Remote File Change Monitoring
  • ✔ CMS (WordPress) Integrity Scan
  • ✔ Security Misconfiguration Scan
  • On Demand Support (Free)

  • ✔ Website Malware Cleanup
  • ✔ Domain Blacklist Removal
  • Basic Plan Features

  • ✔ 24x7 Uptime Monitoring
  • +

  • ✔ Automatic Cloud Backup (SFTP)
    (Automatic server files backup on cloud, integrated with remote file change monitoring. Easily restore/download older file versions to recover hacked/broken sites)
  • Basic & Standard Plan Features

  • ✔ Web Application Firewall Setup1
  • +

  • ✔ Vulnerability Scan & Security Assessment
  • (Website Vulnerability Scan,
    Security Misconfigurations,
    SQL/HTML Injection Flaws,
    LFI/Directory Traversal,
    Sensitive Data Exposure,
    Vulnerable CMS Components)
*Above price covers total cost of 3/6/12 months subscription with one time payment

Refund Policy

If your website is already under attack or hacked, we recommend you immediately purchase subscription online so that we can start the investigation & clean up process on higher priority. We have no question asked refund policy and be assured that your online purchase is completely secure.

For more details please visit the FAQ section

Best Security Stack For Your Website


⚙ 360o Website Scan


✜ Heuristic Scan Engine

  3600 malware scan of your website including external (HTTP) website scan combined with remote server scan using secure FTP (STPS/SFTP) and CMS core files integrity scan to quickly detect compromised contents   Heuristic scan engine combined with signature based detection to ensure best threat detection, protecting your website from unknown/zero day attacks. Advance exception management to avoid false positives  

☁ Automatic Cloud Backup


☃ 24x7 Uptime Monitoring

  Track all server side changes using remote (SFTP/FTPS) monitoring with automatic content backup on secure cloud and seamless one click restore   Ensure 24x7 availability of your website with uptime monitoring. Advance configuration to detect homepage defacement and track response time & issues  

☯ Safeguard Domain Reputation


❖ Website Security Compliance

  Domain blacklist monitoring, Trusted Domains policy to identify unsolicited contents, SSL/DNS records verification to protect your domain reputation   Security configuration analyzer to identify insecure configuration and best practice recommendation engine to improve security compliance  

Vulnerability Scan & Security Asessment

Managed security plans with extensive security assessment by certified security experts to detect potential threats and safeguard your website from future attacks. The assessment includes webserver vulnerabilities scan and threat modeling against top security threats including SQL injection, LFI, XSS, weak security configurations, brute force attacks, path traversal attacks, HTTP/XML/SOAP injection and sensitive data exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

For complete details about the online purchase process, subscription terms and refund policy, please visit the FAQ section
Hacked website may encounter homepage defacement or redirection to other malicious sites which is certainly the result of server side malware infection. Advance hacks are not easily detectable. e.g. if the purpose of hack is to send spam emails using your server resources then there would be no visible change in your website behavior. Similarly, Blackhat SEO spams like Pharma hack, would not be visible to site visitor, however spam keywords would appear in Google results alongside your domain. If your website visitors get warning message in Chrome or your website is blocked by Anti-Virus installed on user machine then your site may either be infected with malware or may contain references to blacklisted/malicious domains.

✌ Using ScanBuffer remote monitoring you may easily detect & undo unauthorized or malicious changes happening on your website. ScanBuffer (remote) file change monitoring & malware scan keep you informed about all server side changes and infected files. With integrated cloud backup you may easily restore infected server files to the clean state.
A quick fix is to restore website using a 100% clean backup copy. However, in majority of cases this patching approach does not work because due to weak security configuration your website may be easily hacked again. Therefore, it is necessary that after clean up, you must harden your website security configuration and use malware monitoring service like ScanBuffer to detect reinfection. We recommend you first run full external scan on your website to identify infected webpages & malicious links then also check integrity of all server side files to find malware injection. This would help you to understand the origin of hack and then you may fix it the using right approach. In few cases you may also need to scan your database for malicious contents.

✌  ScanBuffer Trusted Domain Policy helps website owners to detect 3rd party contents injected in the webpages. For WordPress based websites, ScanBuffer (remote) server scan also checks the integrity of all core CMS files including the sub components (themes & plugins) so you may easily identify the infected files.
You may protect your website up to great extent by ensuring secure website/server configuration, upgrading to latest CMS version, keeping backups offsite and by regular malware scan & monitoring. However, there is no way to guarantee that a website cannot be hacked again. The main reason is that professional websites depend on wide array of software components and even a single vulnerable component may result in malware infection.

✌ ScanBuffer customers are protected with advance website hardening as offered with business sensitive plans. In addition, ScanBuffer scan engine may also detect weak security configurations and outdated components to helps you maintain your website up to the mark.
If search engines like Google or Yandex find anything suspicious with your website, then your website domain would be blacklisted and the user may get warning message from browser (Chrome/IE) or by the Anti-Virus software. Most of time the user would be restricted to visit your website.

✌ Use a domain blacklist monitoring service like ScanBuffer which may notify you in advance if your domain is enlisted in blacklisting databases.
First you have to ensure that your website is cleaned from infected malware as earliest as possible. Delaying the process would cause widespread blacklisting of your domain with more & more security software vendors. When website is fully malware free, you should check blacklisting status on all major search engines & anti-virus websites and submit request for domain whitelisting.
If domain is blacklisted by Google and other Anti-Virus engines then it may take few hours to few days for whitelisting of domain.
As per Google ❝Phishing reviews take about a day to process. Reviews for sites infected with malware require a few days to process❞
Yes, please check Refund Policy for details.
Yes you can, if you buy Standard or Business plans then you may request for downgrade/upgrade to another subscription plan.
For more details please visit the FAQ section

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